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Using Trivia Games For Your Bridal Shower Party

Choosing your bridal shower games can be one of the most difficult parts of organizing a bridal shower. You can find lots of trivia games in books and online but there’s a much easier way. You’ll need games that every guest will enjoy taking part in and bring everyone together to they get to know one another. Here are some great suggestions for games that are easy to prepare; yet will still bring your guests together.

Materials you’ll need are pencils, paper, a list of questions and some prizes for the winners. Trivia games are great time fillers, as they’ll keep your guests entertained as they wait for everyone to arrive. Some guests might arrive 30 minutes later than the start of the bridal shower so you’ll need some games to keep your other guests busy. Providing everyone with a trivia quiz will also give them something to do even as you prepare some last minute bridal shower details.
You’ll need a theme that’s common ground for all your guests and there’s no better theme than one about the bride and groom-to-be. Make your trivia questions about the bride, groom, weddings, bridal showers or even general knowledge. Here are a few ideas that will help you out.

- Play a trivia quiz that tests how much the guests know about the bride. Ask questions like where she was born, when her birthday is, if she has a middle name, what hobbies she has and what’s her favorite movie. You can even ask about her favorite breakfast cereal or if she prefers tea or coffee. Give your guests a choice of different answers that include some silly ones so everyone can have a giggle. You can also adapt this game and ask questions about the groom-to-be instead.

- Wedding and honeymoon trivia is also a lot of fun to play. Ask questions about the bride’s bouquet, the colors she’s going to use, who the best man is, the date of the wedding and where they are going on their honeymoon.

- General knowledge trivia can also be fun but make sure you choose a subject that both the bride and groom are interested in. If the bride-to-be loves art, make an art related quiz. If the groom-to-be is a keen golfer, ask questions about golf. Raise a giggle from your guests by including a few risqué questions

- When your guests have finished playing, ask the future bride to answer the questions herself so guests can see what answers they got right and learn some new things about her. If you didn’t plan your trivia quizzes as a surprise, you could ask the bride-to-be for some help choosing the questions before the bridal shower

Preparing these trivia games won’t take you very long and if you’re making them with the bride, you’ll have a great afternoon together. Print enough copies for everybody and give your guests some old magazines to rest their quizzes on. Make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils that work and hand your quizzes out to the guests as they arrive. After the bride has opened her gifts, she can tell everybody the correct answers and you can give prizes to those who got the most questions right.