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Use The Wedding Theme For Your Bridal Shower Party Favors

A bridal shower is a special event for the bride and her closest female friends. It’s a fun celebration that symbolizes the bride’s leap into married life, as well as a time for the bride to thank her nearest and dearest. Make your shower extra special with the addition of party favors. These little mementos are gaining popularity around the world and are a great way to thank guests for their gifts and their time. They act as keepsakes for guests to treasure and can double as attractive decorations for the party setting. Favors can add a unique touch and a bit of fun to the bridal shower.

Match Favors To The Wedding Theme

Match your party favors to the wedding theme for a cool, creative touch. If your wedding has a beach theme, choose gifts that represent this such as shells or colored sand ornaments. If you’re planning a garden wedding, gifts such as flowers or rose-shaped candles make the event extra special. Matching the gifts to the theme will make your wedding more memorable for guests and create a visible link between the shower and wedding.

Personalize Favors

Another way to make sure your wedding is memorable is to personalize the party favors. Give gifts that are meaningful and your guests will remember your special day long after it has passed. Print the wedding date or the guests’ names on the items or add a picture of the happy couple.

Keep It Simple

Favors do not have to be expensive or complicated to be special; your guests will appreciate the thought behind the gift. Simple favors like scented candles or soaps are both attractive and practical. They can be incorporated into the party decor and are useful gifts for guests.

Don’t forget that you can make many favors yourself. Handmade gifts are always extra special for guests and also help save you money. You can also browse online and in books for many great cost-saving craft ideas.

Shop Online

If you browse online, you may pick up a great bargain. Online prices are often lower than in the shops; be sure to check quoted prices first. Just about every product imaginable is now available online, which can help save you time and energy. Online stores offer an endless array of products, all of which can be delivered to your door. A simple online search will also offer many great gift ideas.

Party favors are a simple way to thank your guests. They are mementos of the special day and add extra sparkle to the shower.