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Two Fun-Filled Baby Shower Games To Play

There are so many things a pregnant woman must do to get ready for the birth of her child including choosing colors to paint the nursery. However, she must also endure the pains of pregnancy too; it is the most wonderful time in a woman’s life. There’s no better way to celebrate this special time than by throwing a baby shower with all her dearest friends and family invited to join the fun. Here are two creative baby shower games to make the party even more memorable.

Two Games To Play At Baby Showers:

- Don’t Drop The Baby
- Sniff The Diaper

"Don't Drop the Baby" is a great game to play outdoors if you’ve got a good-sized yard or garden. You’ll need a plastic doll, cordless toy phone, a basket for pegs and a laundry basket filled with baby clothes. Give each guest one to two minutes to hang up as many of the baby clothes as they can. However, they must also hold the “baby” and talk on the toy phone at the same time. Whoever hangs up the most clothes without dropping the “baby” or the phone is the well-deserved winner

The “Sniff the Diaper” game is a competitive game between guests to see who can guess the smell. Before the shower, fill individual diapers each with a strong smelling food like peanut butter, cheese, cinnamon sticks or garlic. Wrap up the diapers and pass them around to your guests; they should be sitting in a circle. Let them sniff the diapers and guess what the contents are before handing them to the next guest. Keep a score sheet and give a prize to whoever gets the most correct answers

Make sure your games are fun because they are the key to bringing your guests together, encouraging them to get to know one another and have a delightful time. Try to pick funny games that will have your guests laughing and don’t forget to use your camera.