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Traditional Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The origin of the bridal shower springs from the bride’s close friends and family wanting to get to know one another better before the wedding took place. Along with that concept, bridal showers today provide the ideal setting for new friendships to grow and old friends to reconnect. Everyone can come together to share stories, laugh and give the bride some advice for her future.

Nowadays, guests shower the bride with beautiful gifts to help her and the groom out for the future. However, this idea wasn’t born until the late 19th century. Before that time, the bride’s family would provide a dowry to help the newlyweds settle into their new home.

The story behind the first bridal shower goes as follows. A young Dutch girl fell for a miller, who had spent all his life helping those in need although he was poor himself. The girl’s father refused to bless their marriage because the miller was poor; without a dowry from her father, the young couple had no money to create a home together. Their friends and family came to the rescue and gave the couple gifts to help them in their married life. It’s from this act of kindness that bridal showers have come to be as people know them today.

The responsibility of organizing the bridal shower normally falls to the maid of honor, although a close friend or family member may also host the shower. Friends, family and co-workers of the bride usually attend the shower to wish the bride well as she enters married life and give her gifts she will need in the future. Even if the bride is re-marrying, she’ll still appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional bridal shower.

It’s a good idea to ask the bride and groom to register a list of gifts, which would help them out. This usually includes household items such as pots, pans, towels, bed sheets and other items they can use in the home. If the couple has a garden, think about gifts they could use outside like plant pots, flower seeds and gardening tools. The great thing about registered gifts is that the bride will definitely be pleased with what she gets.

If the bride isn’t keen on registering her gifts or she has almost everything she could possibly need to set up a home with, shower her with pampering gifts instead. Think along the lines of luxurious body lotions, facial scrubs and spa treatments. Why not put together a gift basket of pampering treats like bubble baths, scented candles, a CD of relaxing music and a fluffy bathrobe.

Throwing a bridal shower is a fun way to honor the joining of two people in love and wishing them well in this exciting new chapter of their life as a married couple. Bridal showers also give everyone the chance to shower the bride and groom with those fun yet useful gifts, which also act as great keepsakes to help remind the bride and groom of this special time.

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