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Top 5 Bridal Shower Gifts To Delight The Bride

Bridal showers bring together the bride’s closest friends and family to help celebrate this exciting chapter in her life. Although the bride is the center of attention, bridal showers also provide guests with the wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, share stories and honor the happy bride together.

You’ll naturally want to shower the bride with an adorable gift to show her how much her friendship means to you. Why not consider a gift that’s not only special but also practical. In all the excitement of organizing the shower, it’s easy to forget about choosing gifts. Set some time aside and consider these great gift ideas.

Gift Idea 1 – Relaxing Bath Kit

The bride is naturally going to be rushed off her feet planning her big day, arranging all the details and juggling with everyday life. She’ll definitely want to put her feet up and relax before she loses her sanity. Most people know a long bath is the best way to relax and reconnect with themselves so why not give the bride a relaxing bath kit. You can make your own by filling a basket with scented candles, luxurious bubble bath, a CD of relaxing music, a loofah and a fluffy bathrobe.

Gift Idea 2 – Homemade Treats

Taking homemade treats to a bridal shower will delight the bride and her guests. Get busy in your kitchen and decorate some cupcakes with colored icing and pop a bridal figure on the top. Another popular favorite are oatmeal bars, as they are simply delicious and the bride will just love them.

Gift Idea 3 – Make Your Own CD

A wonderfully romantic gift for any bride is to make your own collection of love songs. You can personalize your CD by printing off a photo of you and the bride and use it as the CD cover. Don’t forget to include the name of the occasion, the bride’s name and the bridal shower date on the cover. Go one step further and add a more personal touch by printing off the lyrics as well so the bride can sing along to her favorite songs.

Gift Idea 4 – Yummy Chocolates

If you want to take something edible for everyone to nibble on but you’re not too good in the kitchen, you can still make a unique and tasty treat. Melt some blocks of chocolate and pour it into different shaped moulds. When the chocolates have set, pop them out of the moulds and into a cute little box. Fasten it with a piece of ribbon and add a handwritten gift tag to make your gift even more special.

Gift Idea 5 - Cookbook

Whether the future bride is a busy bee in the kitchen or would rather leave the creative cooking to the groom, a cookbook is always going to be useful. You could ask friends and family for their favorite recipes and put them all together in a scrapbook for the bride-to-be.

Remember that whatever gifts you choose to give the bride, make sure they reflect the depth of your friendship and how much you appreciate her. She’ll cherish your gifts and they’ll always act to remind her of this special occasion.