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Tips On How To Get Your Bridal Shower Plans Off The Ground

When we think of bridal showers, it’s easy to imagine all the wonderful gifts, the delicious cake, beautiful decorations and the fun games. However, planning the shower isn’t as easy as it seems but by following the steps below, you can create a unique and memorable bridal shower.

Nine Tips To Pull Off The Perfect Memorable Bridal Shower

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget for yourself is really important since you will use it to help you make decisions later on. You’ll need to know how much money you have available and whether the costs are going to be shared among others such as the bride’s family.

The Guest List

Take a look at the wedding guest list and ask the bride’s closest friends what they think of your bridal shower guest list. If the shower isn’t a surprise, show the bride herself and see what she thinks. Keep in mind your budget when writing out the guest list and make sure you have all the guest contact details.

Deciding On A Theme

With a large variety of bridal shower themes, make sure you go for one that reflects the bride’s personality and is suitable for all the guests. There’s nothing worse than a theme that cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

Choose The Date And Time

The first step in choosing the date and time is to ask about the bride’s schedule. You’ll also need to judge how much time you’ll need to plan the shower. Bear in mind that invitations are normally sent out four to six weeks ahead of the shower to give everyone plenty of notice.

The Location

Two points are important at this stage; your budget and the number of guests invited to the shower. Throwing the shower in the hostess’s living room is perfect for any budget whereas the beautiful hall surrounded by gardens may well cost a small fortune to rent.

Choosing The Menu

Your menu is going to depend on your budget. You can opt for letting a catering company do all the hard work or you can whip up all the dishes in your kitchen. Steer clear of elaborate foods unless the bride wants a more formal sit-down shower. Finger foods are a popular choice for bridal showers. You can also go for serving deserts and coffee. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a bridal shower cake.

Planning Fun Activities

Playing games is a great way to introduce guests to one another and keep everybody entertained. Consider games that can be played in small teams or individually; play some background music to keep in with the party atmosphere. Keep the future bride at the center of attention throughout the shower.

Get Some Helpers

Since there is so much you’ll need to do, consider getting some help. You’ll need someone to help with the food preparation and serving, someone to help organize the games and someone to record the gift opening. Don’t forget to organize some help for the after party clean up and the packing up of the gifts.

Picking Bridal Shower Favors

Favors are a great way to show each guest how grateful the bride is that they attended her shower; they also act as a wonderful keepsake. You can pass around slices of the bridal shower cake or hand out small silver charms but whatever you do decide to give, don’t forget to keep your budget in mind.