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Throwing A Bridal Shower: Put Together Some Unique Games For Guests To Play

Fun bridal shower games help make the bride-to be’s party just as special as the wedding day itself. If you’re the one who has to organize the bridal shower games, perhaps you feel stressed or even intimidated but there’s no need to be. Use these party games and you’ll find that planning the party was a much easier task than you initially thought. Here are three unique games to use at the special bride-to-be’s shower.

"Musical Flowers"

When you want a real unique bridal shower game, consider playing Musical Flowers. For this game, you are going to need a synthetic bridal bouquet. If you like, you could use real flowers and make your own. If you match the flowers with those that the bride will be carrying at her wedding, you’ll add a special touch. Play some wedding songs and ask your guests to stand in a circle. Have a person control the music so that guests are caught unaware of when it stops. When the music does stop, the guest who holds the flower is out for the remainder of the game. The last remaining guest wins and can take home the flower bouquet as the prize.

"Bridal Trivia"

Another interestingly fun game for guests to play is Bridal Trivia. Start the game by giving guests already printed questions about the bride; the question can be anything regarding her life including her favorite animal or favorite wine. Give the guests a certain time limit in which they must answer as many of the questions as they can. When the times up, the guest with the most correct answers is the winner of the unique game.

"Bridal Balderdash"

Of all the bridal shower games, "Bridal Balderdash" is an old time favorite. The bride and hostess will need to get together before hand so there will be some true funny facts about the bride and groom. The hostess should then make up some things that sound true but really are false. Take some index cards and write both truths on them so you would be combining what did actually happened with myths. Guests will then read all of them, trying to determine what is true or what is false. There isn’t really a loser but there are definitely lots of laughter and fun to be had with this game.