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Three Simple Rules of Etiquette for Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are fun celebrations; a celebration where the bride can spend time with her close female friends and family before her big day (wedding). It is all about giving her a chance to enjoy the moment and be spoiled with gifts and attention.

The maid of honor is usually the host and most of the planning and organization falls to her and the bridesmaids. There are several things that must be done and etiquette rules to follow.

- First, the date and time must be set.
- Second, a theme for the shower must be chosen.
- Third, shower invitations be purchased (usually following the theme of the shower) and be sent out approximately six or eight weeks before the event. This allows the guests ample time to select an appropriate gift and set aside the date on the calendar.

Gifts For The Bride (and Groom)

Gifts can be items for the house or for the couple to share; perhaps guests can give a special luxury item for the bride to spoil herself with. Etiquette says that shower gifts should focus on the bride only, whereas wedding gifts are for the couple to share.

A bride may even set up a gift registry, which gives guests the chance to select pre-chosen gifts to be given at the shower or wedding. Keep in mind that this information should not be included on the invitation but rather spread by word of mouth. If no registry is provided, guests should browse online or in stores to get ideas. Household items such as pots and pans, crockery, linen and even gift vouchers all make wonderful shower and wedding presents.

The bridal shower usually involves guests sharing stories, eating, drinking and playing games. It is a fun affair to be enjoyed by all.