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Three Fun Filled Bridal Shower Games To Play

Put a spark into your bridal shower by leaving aside the boring games that most people play and go for completely fresh ideas. Do a little research and you can find all kinds of fresh game ideas to try. Just remember to have some candies and chocolate for those guests who participate. You’ll also want some larger gifts to give those guests who win. If you really don’t have any idea what games to try, here is a selection of fantastic games that will keep your guests entertained all night long.

Three Fun-Filled Games For Bridal Shower Guests To Play

Game 1 – Draw The Bride

“Draw the Bride” is a funny game that you can adapt as you please because there are various ways you can play it. The most popular way is to give guests brown paper bags to wear on their heads and a piece of blank paper on the table in front of them. Give each guest a pencil and start the stopwatch. They have exactly five minutes to draw a picture of how the bride will look on her wedding day. When everybody’s finished, have a giggle by comparing the drawings and give a prize to the best artist.

Game 2 – Hide And Seek

Get your guests squirming with delight with this messy but fabulous bridal shower game called “Hide and Seek”. Provide your guests with fresh hand towels and fill a big bowl with baked beans and sauce. Add small objects like buttons or safety bins to the beans. Start the clock and give your guests 30 seconds to find as many of the objects as they can. If you’d rather play a game that’s not so messy, change it by using dried white rice instead of beans and sauce.

Game 3 – What Do They Have?

Write a list of items that you’d usually find in a woman’s handbag like lipstick, loose change and tampons. Seat your guests in a semi circle and get them to guess what each guest has in their handbag using the list as guidance. Any guest has something in their bag that isn’t on the list like condoms or a pair of tights wins a special Bridal Shower favor. Make sure you have several prizes available for this game.