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The History Of Bridal Shower Gifts

Have you ever wondered how the idea of a bridal shower started? Well, it’s believed that bridal showers were a way to replace the traditional dowry. Some say it was the Dutch who first thought of this event; some say it began in the United States or Canada.

As the story goes, there was a young couple who wished to marry yet didn’t have the blessing of the bride’s father. The groom was a kind young man who gave to the poor, although he wasn’t rich himself. The bride’s father objected to this and refused to give a dowry. Friends and family of the couple, believing they should marry, came together and showered them with gifts for their new home.

Other traditions such as a cedar tree sapling and fruitcake came about from the country of Bermuda. Bermuda natives believed the tree would grow as the newlywed’s love grew. The cake came about out of the Middle Ages when it was believe that the purer the sugar and whiteness of the icing were, the more expensive the cake was.

Today, the maid of honor normally hosts bridal showers… at least four to six weeks before the big day. Guests usually play games, enjoy a cake, shower the bride with gifts and keep her at the center of attention.

After sending out invitations, there are several things that must be chosen such as the colors of the party, its theme, games to play and the type of cake to serve. Some showers take place without the games, which shifts its emphasis to socializing. However, you can find some really great bridal shower games to create some fun. Some excellent choices are Bridal Bingo, Word Puzzles and the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress.

Bridal showers have changed plenty throughout history and are still being changed to replace certain elements to fit with the modern day. Instead of tributes and devotions, people have opted for fun games to get everybody mingling and talking to one another. Instead of serving elaborate dishes, the tables are often laid with delicious cakes and hassle-free snacks. No matter which style you choose for your bridal shower, it should always be a fun and memorable. It is, after all, a special occasion to wish the bride-to-be well.