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Ten Co-ed Bridal Shower Themes You Can Use

If you’re hosting a couple’s bridal shower, there are many great themes you can choose from that make sure everyone has a good time. Remember that themes will help you put together the rest of the special event.

10 Bridal Shower Themes Everyone Is Sure To Enjoy

Romantic Theme

Decorate the room with scented candles, soft cushions and deep colors. Ask guests to bring gifts of wine, romantic music and massage oils.

Sports Theme

If the happy couple are sports fans, why not decorate the room with their favorite team colors and chip in for a ticket to their favorite sports game?

Honeymoon Theme

Use decorations that reflect their honeymoon destination such as travel posters, beach balls and sun loungers. Great gifts are flip-flops, beach towels and matching travel bags.

Organized Theme

Choose a room in the couple’s house, which could do with being organized. You could give them a funky cupboard, folders for those important papers or a book on home improvement.

Chef Theme

Ask the bride and groom which color they’ve decided on for the kitchen and ask your guests to coordinate their gifts accordingly. They’ll love kitchen items such as pans, pots and small appliances. This are good to start a new home with.

Wine And Cheese Theme

Delight everyone’s taste buds by arranging various wine tasting areas around the room along with a delicious selection of cheese. Bring gifts like elegant wine glasses and silver wine stoppers.

Fitness Theme

If the bride and groom have a passion for cycling or hiking, put on a spread of healthy finger foods and refreshments. Present the couple with gym equipment or membership to a local gym.

Casino Theme

You can easily find a great choice of casino related decorations in local party stores or online. Go for bold colors like red and spend the evening playing poker and cards.

First Time Theme

Each guest is given a “first thing” that could happen to the newlyweds such as the electricity going out. The best gifts in this case would be a flashlight, a box of matches and candles.

Home Theme

For the bride and groom who love staying at home cooking, gardening or watching movies together, throw them a home-themed shower. Match the decorations with their hobbies and bring gifts like gardening tools or kitchen appliances.