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Six Tips To Plan Out The Perfect Bridal Shower

A bridal shower should be a fun and happy event that’s enjoyed by everybody and remembered for a long time once it’s over. To throw a successful bridal shower, you’ll have to prefect all the details. If you’re the one organizing the event, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with those detailing including where you should start. To set you in the right direction, here are some great tips.

Tip 1 – Start The Preparations Early

Planning the bridal shower months in advance is well worth the time and effort, especially if you plan on renting a place. Make the reservation a few months ahead of the shower so you can make sure you get the date and time you’d like.

Tip 2 – Don’t Go Over The Top

It might seem like a good idea at the time but planning an exquisite shower can end up being a lot more than you can handle. If you take on more than you can manage, you definitely won’t be throwing a successful shower. Make sure what you’ve planned is achievable.

Tip 3 – Choose A Theme

Bridal shower themes are a great way to keep everything coordinated and make your shower that much more special. Choose your theme early so you’ll have plenty of time to find suitable decorations, invitations and games.

Tip 4 – Decide On The Guest List

Ask the bride whom she’d like to have at her shower. When you know how many guests are going to be attending, you can arrange the rest of the bridal shower details.

Tip 5 – Choose The Location

Make sure you pick a convenient location for the guests and bride to reach. You’ll also need to consider the size in regards to how many guests are invited and whether it has all the facilities you’ll need such as a kitchen.

Tip 6 – Choose The Bridal Shower Favors And Games

Pick some bridal shower games that will entertain your guests, make them laugh and get them interacting with one another. A great way to introduce everyone is to ask guests to wear a nametag saying how they know the bride-to-be such as, “I studied French with her at the university.”