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Six Tips To Create Unforgetable Bridal Shower Invitations

When you want to create beautiful and unique bridal shower invitations, there are six tips you should utilize to make them unforgetable invitiations.

Tip 1 - Pop-up cards

Pop-up cards will delight your guests and make them smile. You can go for an ordinary paper pop-up or one made with wire so that it springs into place when your guest opens the invitation or the envelope. Match your pop-up design with the bridal shower theme using either heart motifs, wedding bells, flowers or a pair of white doves

Tip 2 – Bridal Shower Ticket

Give your guests a pleasant surprise by making your invitations look like theatre or concert tickets. On one side of the invitation, print a title such as “bridal shower” or the name of the bride-to-be. On the other side, write down the date, time, place and dress code. As your guests arrive, act as the “ticket taker” and tear off part of the invitation. Give the rest of the ticket back to the guest as you would at the theatre.

Tip 3 – Natural Materials

Get your invitations a “Go Green” feel by using recycled paper and biodegradable materials. Decorate your invitations with pressed leaves and flowers like roses, lavender and gardenias to give your card a nice scent.

Tip 4 – Sparkling Rhinestones

Use a small amount of shiny rhinestones to give a sparkle to your invitations. If your invitations have a rose on them, why not glue a rhinestone or two onto the petals or between two hearts to further add a romantic touch?

Tip 5 – Handmade Cards

A beautiful gesture that will touch your guests is to hand-make your invitations. Each one will be unique and you can be as creative as you like. Make each card really special by using romantic motifs that reflect the bridal shower theme and add in something that focuses on the bride such as her favorite color.

Tip 6 – Use a scent

Make your invitations even more memorable by dabbing on your favorite perfume or lightly spray the paper with the bride’s favorite scent. Do this just before sealing the envelope, as it will keep its scent for several days. When your guest opens it a few days later, they will still be able to catch the scent.