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Six Great and Enjoyable Bridal Shower Themes

Choosing a bridal shower theme not only helps with coordinating everything from the menu to the decorations but it also avoids the bride receiving several of the same gifts. All you need is a little imagination to get the ball rolling and you’ll end up throwing a wonderful bridal shower. Here are some great theme ideas for your bridal shower that will make for a fun-filled occasion.

Home Improvement Shower Theme

If the future bride and groom plan on doing up their house or are even making plans to build their own house, this theme is perfect. You’ll need to think up a list of the items and tools they would need along the lines of power tools and gift vouchers to use at a local hardware store. Get everyone into the mood of building and renovating by setting up sawhorses and plywood tables. Use some old paint cans as flower vases and decorate the tables with some tools. You could even give the guests hammers and screwdrivers as bridal shower favors to thank them for coming.

Garden Party Shower Theme

If you have a good-sized garden, why not throw the shower outdoors and adopt a garden party theme? Send out garden themed invitations and ask guests to bring along garden related gifts such as lawn trimmers, gardening tools and plants. You can decorate your tables with fresh flowers and paint the flower pots yourself so you can present them later as a gift to the bride for her new home. Shop around for ladybug napkins and think about giving your guests wildflower seeds as favors.

Bed and Bath Shower Theme

Throw a luxurious bed and bath bridal shower and delight the bride and groom with soft towels, bed sheets, candles and beauty products. Ask the happy couple to register their gifts so their guests can find a gift to match their personal tastes and hunt around for heart shaped soaps and bubble baths to give as favors.

Kitchen Shower Theme

A kitchen related theme is a great way to help the bride and groom with the much needed wine glasses, china and cooking pots but just make sure you ask the bride and groom what they need beforehand. Ask guests to bring their favorite recipe to put into a scrapbook for the bride and get everyone in the party mood by sharing stories about disastrous cooking moments.

Afternoon Tea Party Theme

Bring together the bride’s good friends and family to share chit chat and afternoon tea in quaint cups. Decorate the tables with fresh flowers, candles and pass around mini sandwiches, scones and cookies. Great favors would be personalized teacups and saucers or even elegant place cards.

Lingerie Shower Theme

If you’re throwing a shower with only the bride’s nearest and dearest invited, think about delighting the bride with a lingerie shower. It will have everyone giggling and enjoying a girls-night together as the bride is showered with lingerie, scented candles and massage oils. You could even arrange for the bride to receive a relaxing massage from a qualified masseuse and give the guests manicure sets as favors.