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Six Fabulous Tips For A Planning A Bridal Shower

When a close friend decides to get married, it’s only natural to throw her a special bridal shower to mark this happy occasion. To make sure this happens, here are six fabulous tips to help you out.

Tip 1 – Choose A Date And Time

Unless you’re planning on throwing a surprise shower for the bride, ask her which date and time would be most suitable for her. Try to organize the shower for a date that is four to six weeks ahead of the big day itself. Why not consider throwing the shower on a Saturday afternoon since most guests will probably work during the week and will attend church on Sundays? Aim for the celebrations to last an hour and a half to two hours.

Tip 2 – Sending Out Invitations

The best way to make a bridal shower guest list is to use the wedding guest list. Don’t be tempted to exclude people unless you’re on a small budget or are short on space. If that’s the case, then just invite the close friends and family. Give guests plenty of notice about the upcoming bridal shower; send out the invitations two to three weeks before the shower. This will give everyone enough time to find a beautiful gift and make sure they keep that date free on the calendar. Make sure you include all the necessary information on the invitations such as the directions and contact numbers.

Tip 3 – Choose A Location

The location you choose depends on a lot of things; you’ll need to take into consideration how many guests you’ve invited, your budget and what type of party it is. You could easily rent out an apartment clubhouse, restaurant or a community center. Make the necessary reservations well in advance and don’t forget that you might need to pay a deposit. Some places will let you enter before the shower starts so you can put up the decorations; make sure you ask of this option when making your reservation.

Tip 4 – Choose A Bridal Shower Theme

Using a theme at a bridal shower makes the celebrations much more fun and memorable because you can coordinate all the details with the theme. Bridal shower games, favors, food and decorations can all be matched with the theme. You can even pick up some beautiful invitations and name tags to follow suit. Giving the guests a sneak preview of the theme can help them choose some wonderful gifts for the future bride.

Tip 5 – The Food

Planning out a menu well before the shower will allow you to compare food prices and quality. Taste all the food beforehand if you’re hiring caterers or you’re ordering specially made dishes. Call up the company a week or so before the shower and double-check the details, especially if you’ve placed your order well ahead of the shower. Whatever delicious food you’re going to serve, make sure you don’t forget the all-important cake

Tip 6 – Bridal Shower Games

Games should be easy to play and keep your guests entertained. Go for games that are simple to organize and match the bridal shower theme. You’ll find a great choice of games available online and in local party stores. At the shower itself, ask a couple of guests to give you a hand with the games and the shower details. That way they’ll feel more involved, which will provide you with the chance to relax and have fun.