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Simple yet Grand Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

A bridal shower can be a difficult venture to take on for a variety of reasons including the fact that there is so much to prepare. You don’t want to just throw something together; you really want something like this to be just as special as you feel the bride-to-be is. In order to really add a special touch, having the right foods at the party is essential. This means you’re going to have to know your guests and know what they can and can’t eat. Food always brings entertainment to any event, especially a bridal shower.

Brunch Menu Ideas

If you want to do a brunch bridal shower, make sure there is enough and a large variety of food to keep everyone satisfied and full. People can take as much (or as little) food as they please. A brunch themed bridal shower will be full of opportunities for different foods. You’ll have the option of having various baked goods with a main course like quiche or sandwiches along with a few side dishes. The bridal shower brunch can end with one main dessert or an assortment of special treats.

Late Afternoon Menu Ideas

Depending on the hour of your bridal shower event will really depend on what you want to do for food. A late afternoon party is going to require a little more food than a Sunday brunch; you might want to prepare something simple but filling. A pasta dish, like lasagna, is a great treat that can be prepared before the event and cook while your guests arrive and the party begins. For a side dish, anything from fruits to a green salad would be great. Just find a simple dessert (pre-made or something you can easily prepare before your guests arrive).

For a more formal setting, indulge your guests with a richer treat like steak or a pot roast. This would be great for a sit-around-the-table event over the buffet setting you’d get with other venues.

Accommodating All Guests

If you have a vegetarian in the mix, don’t subject them to only eating a green salad; give them a few options just like you give your other guests. Look for recipes online; you’ll find some great selections that are popular among vegetarians and vegans.

Dessert Menu Ideas

If you’re going to have any sort of meal, you’re going to need desserts (get a party full of women and you’ll understand the need for desserts). However, as traditional weddings start dwindling so do traditional items like cake at a bridal shower. If you really want to have cake, you can serve that but also have other options (perhaps the bride-to-be has a favorite dessert).

If you aren’t interested in creating an entire meal (or you have a really large party with different likes and dislikes) provide heavier appetizers or hors d’oeuvres to keep everyone full without you having to make special individual meals for everyone.

Planning a bridal shower can take a lot of time and effort; after all, you want to make the event spectacular. When it comes to planning the menu, however, don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed. Think simple and you’ll end up with a grand bridal shower menu that everyone will enjoy.