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Simple Tips To Finding and Handing Out Bridal Shower Favors

When it comes to choosing bridal and wedding shower favors, fun and frivolity is the key. The shower is the bride’s last chance to have a crazy time with her gal pals and say farewell to her days of a single life. While wedding day favors must accommodate the tastes of all guests, bridal and wedding shower favors are typically for the bride’s closest female friends and relatives.

Small gifts are ideal as shower favors; most guests expect to receive a little souvenir, yet some may feel uncomfortable with an excessive gift. Look for budget-friendly mementos that will make your guests feel appreciated. A large group of smaller items or a selection of handmade goodies will help cut costs.

Make It Yourself

Food, craft and everything in between will make great handmade shower favors. Bags of edible goodies are particularly popular as the bride and her friends can help share the workload. A popcorn ball, a few cookies and cupcakes can be presented beautifully with a bit of cellophane and ribbon.

Create an original blend of flower seeds and present them in gorgeous little bags to your guests. Add nametags and planting instructions and you have the perfect gift. It is easy on your budget and will serve as a delightful reminder of your shower for seasons to come.

Stroll The Shops

When browsing the shops for shower favors, try to link the party theme to the gift. For example, handing out vegetable seeds or seashells can represent garden parties or beach showers. Linking in the bride and groom’s interests also adds a special touch. For example, a shoe addict could hand out stiletto-shaped key rings while wine lovers could give bottle stoppers. Other great shop-bought favors include candles, bookmarks and bath lotions.

Most importantly, choose favors that will act as souvenirs of the wonderful evening shared; each time your friends use their gift, they will be reminded of the special occasion. Try to track down favors that can also be used at the shower such as fancy champagne or cocktail glasses.