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Seven Of The Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing bridal shower gifts isn’t as straightforward as it once was since most brides have everything they need for their new home. It’s no longer a case of picking an item off the gift register list and handing it over to the delighted bride. In this day of age, it’s a little different. How so?

These days, bridal showers are about striking a balance between pampering the future bride and helping her with married life. With that in mind, there are a wide variety of gifts you can give her. However, if you need some help, here are seven tips that will help you choose a special gift.

Top Tip 1 – Share The Cost Of A Special Gift

As the bride and groom are probably paying for their wedding, think about what the bride would love to have but may not have the money for. Ask people to chip in to spread the cost and buy the bride something really special. Consider paying for a romantic getaway day trip if you think the newlyweds can’t stretch their budget so far.

Top Tip 2 – Special Memories

A really touching gift is one that reminds the bride of the good times you had together. Why not create your own collage, photo album or frame a cute photo of the two of you together and include a sweet poem? It’s a gift she is sure to love.

Top Tip 3 – Make Your Own Gift Basket

Fill a beautiful bridal shower basket with all sorts of pampering goodies like lotions, bubble baths, body scrubs and a fragrance you know she loves. Make it even more special by including a spa gift certificate so she can relax and feel pampered before or after the wedding.

Top Tip 4 – Shower Her With Lingerie

Find out as much as possible about the couple’s honeymoon and try to match your lingerie gift with the destination. You could even put together a little gift basket of romantic items with the lingerie such as candles and romantic music.

Top Tip 5 – The Wedding Day Survival Kit

These fun kits can be bought online or you could opt to make your own. Make sure you include everything the bride-to-be will need before her wedding day such as hair accessories, makeup, her favorite fragrance, bath gel, deodorant and even double-sided sticky tape. Present your gifts in a first aid box or cute carrying case along with a poem or your favorite piece of advice.

Top Tip 6 – Make A Homemade Gift

Making your own gift is not only budget-friendly but it really gives your gift that special touch. Make her a bridal veil if you’re good at sewing or put together different flowers to create unique centerpieces. You could even document all the details that lead up to the big day such as photographing the bride getting ready on her wedding day and organizing the last minute details. Put the photos in an album and add in some captions to remind the bride of these fun times.

Top Tip 7 – Take A Leaf Out Of Another Shower

Think back to the last time you attended a bridal shower or even your own shower. Try to recall which gifts were most loved by the guests. Remembering these times will help you choose a really memorable gift for the bride-to-be. Try to focus on choosing a gift, which reflects your friendship with the bride and celebrates who she is as a person. Tie your gift in with the wedding day or the couple’s honeymoon and you’ll definitely give the future bride the most perfect bridal shower gift.