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Seven Bridal Shower Themes That Can Help The Couple In Their New Life Together

With so many bridal shower themes to choose from, it’s easy not know where to start. Once you’ve chosen a theme, it will help you plan the shower and ensure that everybody enjoys themselves. Here are seven great ideas to get you started with planning the perfect bridal shower.

Pamper The Bride Theme

Help take the weight off the bride’s feet with a relaxing bridal shower; pamper her and show her how much she’s appreciated. The first step is to decorate the room with scented candles, fresh flowers, potpourri and soft pillows. Ask guests to bring spa related gifts such as bathrobes, bubble baths, beauty products and gift certificates for a spa treatment. Spend the evening enjoying rich chocolate truffles, quiches and celebrate with champagne. If you can stretch your budget further, why not hire a professional masseuse to give the bride a relaxing massage? Great favors to give your guests are cute bags of scented soap and potpourri.

Room Of The House Theme

Get the bride to draw up a list of items her and the groom still need for their new home; assign a room to each guest. Make sure you include the chosen room on the invitations so each person can bring gifts related to their assigned room such as fluffy towels for the bathroom or linen for the bedroom.

Around The Clock Theme

As you write out the invitations, assign each guest with a certain time of the day like 7 a.m. so they can bring a gift suitable for that time such as a pair of matching coffee mugs. The person who is assigned 10 p.m. could bring bubble bath or slippers.

Stock The Pantry

If the bride and groom already have everything they need for their new home, why not stock up their pantry by asking guests to bring baking goods or ingredients? A variation of this theme would be to stock the bar by bringing wines, champagnes and mixers.

Sherlock Holmes Theme

If you fancy throwing a really unique bridal shower, you could go for a theme, which evolves a lot of planning like the Sherlock Holmes theme. You could serve tea, mini sandwiches and scones for guests to nibble on whilst playing board games. You can even adapt this theme to take after Baker Street by asking guests to bring baking goods.

Honeymoon Theme

Ask guests to bring gifts that the bride and groom will need on their honeymoon such as suntan lotions, beach towels and sunglasses. Decorate your venue with exotic pictures, shells and beach balls if the couple is having a beach honeymoon.

Lingerie Theme

If your bridal shower guests are all good friends of the bride, you could throw a lingerie themed shower and ask everyone to bring an item of lingerie for the bride. Play some tongue-in-the-cheek games and get everyone laughing.

Whatever theme you decide on for your bridal shower, the most important point is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Adapt your theme as necessary to accommodate the bride’s likes, dislikes and needs.