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Remember The Camera: Two Risqué Bridal Shower Games To Play and Enjoy

If you’re planning a bridal shower with a difference but you’re stuck for ideas and don’t have a clue what games you could play, it’s time to do some research and find some that each guest could enjoy. There are a handful of risqué games that will delight everyone who comes to party. Just don’t forget to tell your guests to bring their cameras because these games will lead to the funniest of photos.

If your bridal shower has a “Girly” theme to it then take it one step further as the night wears on and the wine is flowing. Turn your bridal shower into a lingerie party by using dark red or purple decorations, using soft lighting for a relaxing atmosphere and giving lingerie themed favors. Ask guests to bring gifts related to the theme, which the bride-to-be would find funny and entertaining.

Game 1 – Losing What You Don’t Need

This game will have you in fits of laughter and with photographs as a reminder; it will be even funnier when you look back on it years later. Ask your guests to sit in a circle and give them each a brown paper bag to put on the head. Play some music and tell your guests that each time the music stops; they must take off something they’re wearing that they don’t really need. See how long it takes them to realize that it’s actually the bag on their head that they don’t really need.

Game 2 – Create A Toilet Paper Wedding Gown

Get creative with this wedding dress game that involves a lot of imagination and a lot of toilet paper. Ask your guests to get into teams of four or five people and to choose one person as the model. Tell them that they have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper for their model to wear. They can also make necklaces, flowers and shoes but they can only be made with toilet paper. Give your guests an abundance of toilet paper to create their masterpieces. There should be no time limit to this game. When all the teams have finished, the bride-to-be judges the winner and gives each team member a special prize.