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Putting Together A Bridal Shower: Four Unique Themes To Try

Even if you’re on a small budget or you’re short of time, organizing a bridal shower doesn’t have to be stressful. Aside from choosing where the party will be held, inviting the guests and arranging for delicious dishes to be served, you’ll need to decide on a theme. That means you need to have some ideas of what would make a wonderful bridal shower theme. This is where researching will do you good. After all, there are many great ideas that can inspire you and help to make your bridal shower a wonderful day to be enjoyed by all.

Idea 1 – Grease Bridal Shower Theme

The majority of people can remember watching Grease (the movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John) and falling in love with the characters; why not have a Grease theme for your bridal shower party. Go for cheerleader decorations, pretty hairstyles and beautiful wide skirts. Guests could come dressed as the Pink Ladies and you could serve Grease style hamburgers and milkshakes. As for the music, the Grease soundtrack will give you plenty of ideas for music to dance the night away to or you can turn on the movie and have it in the background.

Idea 2 – Disney Bridal Shower Theme

If you prefer a more extravagant theme, you could ask guests to come in fancy dress costumes such as Alice in Wonderland or as their favorite Disney characters. There’s a great range of Disney themed decorations in stores. However, if don’t want your guests to have to go through so much trouble in getting a costume, then think about just using colorful face paints and hair pieces.

Idea 3 – Pick A Room Bridal Shower Theme

A great way for guests to choose bridal shower gifts that the Bride-to-be will love and find useful is to hold a Pick a Room Party. First, the bride-to-be writes a list of things she needs for each room of the house and then before the bridal shower, guests will pick a room and decide amongst themselves which gift they will bring.

Idea 4 – Slumber Party Bridal Shower Theme

A girls’ slumber party theme will be enjoyed by all ages because there’s nothing better than pampering yourself and friends. Ask each guest to bring a different beauty product such as rich body butter, a manicure set or hair rollers. Prepare tasty snacks and finger food to enjoy while doing each other’s makeup and trying out different hairstyles. A great way to make this night even better is to ask a professional to come along and give the bride a relaxing massage.