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Proper Etiquette For Bridal Shower Planning

Bridal shower etiquette is an important factor to consider when planning the event. No matter what role you play in the organization process, it is important to know the rules.

The Host

The maid of honor or a bridesmaid traditionally holds the hostess role. Since a bridal shower is focused on showering the bride with gifts, it is considered inappropriate for the mother or sister of the bride to play hostess. Some guests may consider this in bad taste, as it may look like the host is simply pooling presents for the bride. Mothers and sisters can, however, contribute to the planning. For example, the shower can be held in their home or they can take responsibility for a particular task.

Brides should not ask a friend to organize a shower for them. Planning such an event takes up a lot of time and money. Guests should never feel obliged to do so.

The Guest List

Only guests invited to the wedding ought to be invited to the bridal shower. It is considered in bad taste to ask people to give you a gift if they are not involved in the big day. However, if work colleagues who are not asked to the wedding organize a shower of their own accord, this is considered acceptable.

The Gifts

Bridal shower gifts are typically small items that the bride can use in her new life as a wife. Whether for the home or the honeymoon, they should be fun and practical. Shower gifts are usually less expensive than wedding gifts but this trend is changing over time. If you would like to buy a particularly expensive item for the bride, simply pool your resources with other guests.

The Thank-You Notes

It is absolutely essential for the bride to send out thank-you notes to all shower guests. Handwritten letters thanking family and friends for their gifts and attendance will be appreciated. These should be sent out within a week of the event. Ask a friend to record all gifts and who gave them at the time of the shower to make the note writing process a little easier.