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Planning Your Bridal Shower Menu Around The Party Time

After making all the arrangements, you likely have a theme for the bridal shower you’re planning. If you really want to add more depth to your party and give the guests something more than just a simple dessert before they leave, consider a few of these different options for the bridal shower menu.

Mid or Late-Afternoon Bridal Shower

The time between lunch and dinner can be a hard time to plan a bridal shower… for the simple fact that people don’t know if they should eat before the event or if there will be food there. Play it safe and don’t assume everyone will eat. Purchase heavier appetizers that are filling but are also considered snacks. Such appetizers include chips and dip, veggies and dip, cut up fruit, shrimp cocktails, quiche, etc.

Evening Bridal Shower

If you’re going to be intruding on dinner then it would be polite to offer dinner to your guests. The best way to go about this is to have a buffet dinner. A barbeque to a Dutch oven event will appease your guests. They don’t have to silently suffer in hunger or even leave hungry.

If you’d rather be more formal, there are options such as roast beef, ham or chicken with plenty of side dishes your guests can fill up on.

Special Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re already making a themed bridal shower, why not make your food a part of the theme? What is the favorite country of your bride and/or groom? Have food that represents what the bride and groom consider their favorite things. By doing so, your guests will have a chance to learn even more about the couple to be wed.

Bridal showers are, obviously, centered on the bride so you should really try to cater to what the bride would like for food. You can make the most perfect bridal shower by adding a theme with the food.