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Pictionary: An Interactive Baby Shower Game For Your Guests

Baby shower party games bring your guests together and give them the chance to get to know one another better and have fun at your party. Even though all of the guests will know the mom-to-be, they might not know one another. Even if your guests do know one another, baby shower games are a great way for them to learn something new about each other. Focus your games on the expectant mother and her new baby to keep everybody interested and entertained.

During the baby shower, it’s really important that everybody interacts; guests grouping together can spoil the party’s atmosphere. Those who know each other from work will sit together and family members will chat together in a different corner. By arranging fun games and encouraging everybody to participate will make the mom-to-be feel more relaxed and everybody will have a good time.

Baby shower games should be fun and entertaining that will keep your guests active. Almost every baby shower host plays the “memory game” where guests are shown a tray full of baby related items such as toys and practical things like pacifiers. Everybody takes a look at the items and then it’s whipped away from sight so the guests have to recall from memory what they saw. Although this game follows a baby theme, it doesn’t allow for guests to chat, move around and interact.

So you need some games that are far more imaginative and fun. Think about games you usually play at family get-togethers and birthday parties; you can easily adapt them to suit your baby shower. Baby Pictionary is really easy to organize and so much fun. Put your guests into teams so you break up any little groups that have formed in different corners. Buy a huge sketchpad and put it on a tripod or hang a dry erase board on the wall so guests can draw their pictures. Your guests will be laughing, shouting out their answers and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

A game of Poker is an old time favorite; why not turn it into a baby shower game. Find some cards that match your baby shower theme, perhaps with Winnie the Pooh on the cards.Then get the fun started by playing some poker games like Texas Hold ‘em and give prizes to the lucky winners.

Why not hold your baby shower is a different place to where people usually choose to throw their party. It’ll give your party an edge, especially if you hold it somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese. This will take a weight off your shoulders if you don’t have very much time or the space for a Baby Shower as all the games and food are provided for you and it’s a great chance for everyone to enjoy being a big kid again.