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Perfect Invitations For a Lingerie Bridal Shower

There’s no better way to celebrate a bride’s new life as a married woman than to throw her a bridal shower. One thing that helps a host put together a bridal shower is a theme. There are many things out there but one bridal shower theme that’s quickly becoming popular is the lingerie theme. So as a hint of what’s in store at your shower, send out invitations that will reflect the lingerie theme.

Invitations inform your guests about your bridal shower and the necessary details like the date, time, location and anything else that’s relevant. Invitations also tell your guests that this is going to be a fun shower and give them an idea of which gifts to bring. You can find cute personalized cards online which can give you lots of ideas when sending out your own invitations.

The design of your invitation is really important to get right because it will create the first impression of your shower. There are fun designs like invitations in the shape of a bustier and you can easily print your own on paper designed and shaped as a piece of lingerie. Write the shower details around the edges of the design. If you prefer simpler designs, go for a card with pretty lingerie pictures on.
There’s a great range of printed cards available online; these are more like a postcard than a folded card. Look for postcard style cards with a lingerie theme on the front and a space to write shower details on the back.

Choose the wording of your invitations with care because it should be in keeping with the theme; light hearted and fun at the same time. As the bridal shower is going to be a girls-only night, write something in the invitation such as, “Elizabeth is getting married so let’s shower her with gifts perfect for the honeymoon´. Guests will then know the theme of the shower.

After the shower, you’ll want to send out thank you cards to the guests so use wording that thanks the guests for their gifts as well as coming to the shower. Aim to send out thank you cards two weeks after the shower.