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Perfect Gift Baskets for The Pefect Bridal Shower

It seems when you are invited to one bridal shower, you will soon be invited to another…and you sure do not want to make your gifts look like carbon copies of each other…so what do you do?  The answer is to use a gift basket.  Your gift in a basket not only provides something different and refreshing, but is sure to be something to be used over and over…and the bride will think of you each time she uses it!  Could you imagine the fun of all the guests showing up with gift baskets?  How thrilling!

New and fresh gift ideas can be easily placed into your basket and eliminate the same old sleepy gifts from ages past. Giving gift baskets provide a variety of creative and fun ways to present gifts, while providing a practical storage container at the same time.

These gifts may include a favorite romantic CD the couple may share during their first night together as husband and wife, or many other romantic “goodies”. A bottle of fine wine could also be a perfect gift.  Can you just imagine the fun and mystique of presenting a basket with a few romantic gifts “peeking” out of the top of the gift, while the rest are hidden from view?

You may be asking yourself how do you obtain or make these baskets of love.  Many gift ideas are often found in local specialty shops, however, the sky is the limit; there are no rules.  You may wish to check to see if there is a common theme, as you do not want anyone to feel out of place.  There are also many places available either in specialty shops or online to obtain your basket.  Computer search engines can help you discover ways to make a basket, and possibly save you some money at the same time.

The truly ambitious--and creative--sometimes decide to create their own gift baskets.  Believe it or not, a whole cottage industry has arisen around those who enjoy making gift baskets.  It's a hobby in and of itself, and is one which can become handy for your bridal shower. If this is something you'd like to consider, visit your local hobby or crafts store and ask if they have materials for basket making.  There are also several websites that have the necessary materials.  Usually this will include weaving materials, weaving instruments, and a few good pattern books.

Don't wait until shortly before your bridal shower to try creating your first basket, however.  For an event like this, you'll want to be able to present your best work, so make sure you've had plenty of practice ahead of time.  Even then, start working on your baskets several weeks before the event itself.  And if there are others who are interested, recruit friends to help with the basket-creation process also.

Giving gift baskets as a shower gift is a fun and creative way to let her you are thinking of her, provide those special gifts to a special person, and is an easy way to create.