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Nine Non-Traditional and Creative Bridal Shower Games

When we think of bridal shower games, the usual games like the "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress" spring to mind. However, traditional and almost cliché games aren’t the only ones you can play. There are so many different games to choose from including the sentimental and romantic to even slightly scandalous games.

There are nine bridal shower games you should consider when planning out your entertainment line-up of the event. What are these games?

A Quick Overview of The Nine Different Games

“What is the Bride Wearing?” - This fun game tests your guests’ memory skills. All you need to do is simply ask the bride to leave the room halfway through the party. Then ask each guest questions about what the bride is wearing, if she is wearing high heels or flats and if she is wearing a necklace. Give a prize to the guest with the best score.

Bridal Bingo - Another classic is Bridal Bingo; make your own cards by changing the numbers for wedding related items or facts about the bride and groom. For example, where they are going on their honeymoon or where they are holding their wedding. The winner is the first guest to mark off an entire row of squares.

The Spice of Life - This game tests your guests’ cooking knowledge. Hand out different unnamed spices and ask your guests to write down which spice they think it is. Give a kitchen themed prize to the guest who has the most correct answers.

“Words of Wisdom” - This is a perfect sentimental game for a bridal shower. Give your guests paper and ask them to write down their best piece of advice. You can also make this game even more interesting by asking your guests for recipes, cooking tips and inspirational sayings. Afterwards, gather together all the “Words of Wisdom” and put them in a book for the bride.

“Memory Lane” - The game starts with sending a piece of card to your guests along with their invitations and asking them to write down a favorite memory of the bride. Then at the bridal shower, the host reads out loud what each guest has written and the bride must guess who wrote it. Present the bride with the memories as a happy reminder of this special occasion.

Reading Inspirations - Ask your guests to each bring a poem that contains some wisdom or sentiment about love, romance or marriage. At the shower, each guest takes a turn reading and fills the day with inspiration.

Spice It Up - The “Spice It Up” game is great because of its saucy undertone. When the bride opens her gifts, secretly write down everything she says. For example, “I’ve always wanted one of these.” Later on, read the bride’s comments back as if those words are what she’ll be saying on her wedding night.

Honeymoon Scavenger Hunt – This is a racy game perfect for a girly night. Hide some sexy items like fuzzy handcuffs and lingerie where you’re holding your party. Put your guests into teams and hand them a list of hidden items. Give them a set time to find as many items as they can and give a prize to the winning team.

“Never Have I Never” - This is a game that brings the skeletons out of the closet because each guest has to take a turn finishing “Never have I never...” However, what they complete the sentence with must be something quite scandalous such as “never have I never kissed two different people in one night” and then share the details with the other guests. Give a prize to the guest with the best “never I have never” story.