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Need Bridal Shower Games: Consider Doing Trivia Quizzes

If you’ve run out of ideas for bridal shower games and want something a little different, it’s time to do some searching. Trivia games are great fun and are really easy to prepare; they are ideal as last minute games.

Guests can choose to either work hard at finding the answers or simply take a guess. They’ll keep your guests entertained and busy as the other guests arrive. Some people might arrive a good 30 minutes late and you certainly don’t want your other guests to get bored. This will also give you a chance to finish up with some last minute details and keep everything running smoothly.

Materials you’ll need are pens, pencils, paper, a list of trivia questions and some prizes for the winners. For the questions themselves, think up a theme you’d like your questions and answers to reflect. If a theme has been chosen for the bridal shower, then you could easily follow in those footsteps. Otherwise, relate your questions to the bride and groom-to-be, their big day or their honeymoon and throw in some general knowledge questions to keep it interesting.

See how well the guests know the bride by focusing the questions on her. Before the shower, ask the bride lots of questions about herself, such as her birthplace, her favorite cocktail, which movie makes her cry and what her favorite hobby is. You could even ask about her favorite breakfast cereal, her favorite color and where she would most like to visit. Give your guests some multi choice answers and include some funny ones just to amuse your guests.

An alternative to questions about the bride is to ask about the groom instead. This could be even more fun because then you’ll see how well the bride knows her future husband. Ask the groom questions like what his childhood nickname was, which team he supports and what would be his ideal car. Those who don’t know the answers will learn something new; his mother might not know some of the answers.

Using the wedding or the honeymoon as a theme for your “Trivia Quiz” is also a great idea. Ask the bride and groom about their wedding day, such as the color of her bouquet and the bridesmaid’s dresses. Get some details about their honeymoon. If the bridal shower is a surprise, you can ask the bride your questions after she’s recovered from her shock.

If you want to use some general knowledge questions, ask the bride and groom what their hobbies are and base your questions around them. If the bride has an artist streak, make up some questions about arts and crafts. At the same time, if the groom is a fan of golf, put together some golf related questions. Add in some slightly scandalous questions to raise an eyebrow and a giggle.

After you’ve made your list of questions, print out enough for your guests and provide them with plenty of pens and pencils. Test out the pens to make sure they work before the party starts. As your guests walk through the door, hand them the questions and ask the bride to read out the answers after she’s opened her gifts.