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Need A Bridal Shower Theme: 12 Of The Best Themes Available

To make your bridal shower even more special and a whole lot easier to plan, choose a bridal shower theme, which reflects the bride’s personality and is guaranteed that guests will have a lot of fun.

Honeymoon Theme

Find out as much as you can about the bride and groom’s honeymoon so everyone can bring a gift related to the destination. If their honeymoon is set to be on a beach, pack them off with swimwear, sun tan lotions (or sunscreen), beach towels and sunglasses.

Kitchen Theme

Ask each guest to bring a gift related to cooking like pans, cookbooks, dishtowels and baking pots. Make sure you check with the bride to see what she still needs in the kitchen and ask the guests to add their favorite recipe to a big scrapbook for the bride to keep.

Romantic Bedroom Theme

Make sure to let guests know what to expect at the shower so they can bring gifts to match the theme. Ask the bride about her chosen bedroom colors so everyone can shower her with gifts to suit her personal taste and style such as pillowcases, candles and bed linen.

Bathroom Theme

As with the bedroom theme, make sure you include the bride’s color preferences on the invitations. Ask guests to think along the lines of bubble baths, scented candles, bath confetti, rich moisturizers, fluffy towels and bathrobes.
Luxury Spa Theme

Treat the bride-to-be with spa related items such as manicure sets, nail polishes, body lotions and facemasks. She’ll also enjoy rich hand creams, self-tanning lotions and bath salts.

Beach Theme

Fill a picnic basket to the brim with yummy finger food and serve refreshments in plastic cups. Great gift ideas to present the bride with would be suntan lotions, flip-flops, a beach ball and sunglasses.

Game Night Theme

Ask everyone to bring their favorite game to the shower so the night is spent playing fun games like cards, poker and popular board games. Hunt out a popcorn maker and a blender to whisk up some smoothies or make your own cocktails.

A Night On The Town Theme

Draw up a list of great venues and restaurants in the bride and groom’s neighborhood so you can present them with gift certificates for a romantic meal. Get together with other guests to come up with a selection of tickets for the cinema, theatre and concerts.

Personal Shower

Fill a basket with gifts to pamper the lucky bride such as beauty products, makeup, massage oils, gift certificates, foot creams, pedicure sets and hair accessories.

Around The Clock Theme

Write a different time of the day on every invitation so each guest brings a gift related to that time like a Starbucks gift certificate for in the morning or a cookbook for the evening.

Garden Shower Theme

Wonderful gifts include gardening tools, flowerpots, flower seeds, potted plants and a watering can. You could even give the bride a sun hat and a handmade voucher for an hour of weeding so she can get out of weeding the garden.

Holiday Theme

Help the bride and groom get ready for the festive holidays by giving them gifts for Christmas. Great ideas include him and her stockings, wreaths, pretty tree decorations and festive candles.