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Making Wedding and Bridal Shower Favors Easy; Say Thanks With Shower Favors

The giving of bridal and wedding shower favors is a debatable ritual. Some think party favors are vital, while others think they’re excessive. At bridal showers, gifts are typically given to the bride from the guests and not the other way around. Some believe that the addition of party favors only creates more work for the bride or hostess. However, shower favors do add a thoughtful touch to the proceedings and will make your guests feel appreciated.

Bridal and wedding shower favors are usually organized by the maid-of-honor. The tradition of the bridal shower involves the bride celebrating her upcoming wedding with her female friends and relatives; a wedding shower includes both the bride and groom and all of their closest friends. The selection of party favors will depend on the type of shower you are throwing, as different gifts will obviously be better suited to male or female guests.

The variety of shower favors on the market is spellbinding. Many hostesses and brides gulp at the thought of narrowing down the best gifts for their special guests. One important thing to keep in mind is that the favors should be practical. Cute ornaments will only find their way to the bin or bottom shelf. Whether the favor is used at the shower or after, try to achieve a balance of cuteness and practicality.

Shopping for bridal or wedding shower favors is very enjoyable. Most often, shower guests are close friends of the bride and groom. This makes the party an intimate affair and can allow for personal jokes and a bit of fun. Favors given out at the bridal or wedding shower can be a lot different to those given out at the actual wedding. Follow the theme of the shower when choosing favors and try to reflect the bride’s personality or interests. For example, if she’s a sports nut, you could give key rings shaped like tennis racquets or candles covered in sport-related designs. Find special trinkets that serve a purpose and look good to make sure that all of your guests are left feeling loved and appreciated.