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Liven Up Your Bridal Shower With Some Interesting Games

When you’re looking to bring your bridal shower to life, do it by playing games that will have your guests in fits of laughter. Encourage everybody to participate so your guests will to know one another and enjoy themselves even more. Keep a bowl of bridal shower favors at hand for the winners and pass around candy for your guests to nibble on while they play.

Games Bridal Shower Guests Tend To Like Most

Guess The Weight - Guessing games are always fun. Most people know that a woman’s handbag can weigh a lot so guess the weight of the handbag is a fun game to play. Seat your guests in a circle and place a set of bathroom scales in the middle. Ask a guest to pass around their handbag so the others can feel how heavy it is and guess the weight. Use the scales to get the exact weight and give a prize to whoever’s guess was most accurate.

Guess the Object - Guess the object games are great because your guests have to use their imaginations and think on their feet. Take some items from around your home such as a potato peeler, bottle stopper and a set of keys. Loosely wrap them in paper bags and ask your guests to guess what the items are. Make sure they write their answers down. Whoever gets the most answers correct is the triumphant winner.

Blindfold Games

Blindfold games never fail to get guests laughing so this game is just perfect. Fill a large bowl with uncooked white rice and 20 to 30 objects such as big buttons or safety pins. Blindfold each guest and give each person 30 seconds to find as many as they can. Whoever finds the most is the lucky winner.


Quizzes are a true favorite as everybody finds them enjoyable especially if the questions are related to famous people or popular television shows. Create your own quiz by finding trivia online. Then pair up your guests or get them to work in teams. The team that answers the most questions correctly gets a prize.

Creative Games

Get creative with a "Finish the Story” game as guests will have to be imaginative and quick witted. Start a story but don’t finish the last sentence. Say something like “I went to the store and on my way I...” and let each guest finish where the other left off. The story will get funnier and funnier as each guest tries to outdo the others.

Silly poems take some time to think up but guests will soon get into the swing of things. Cut up pieces of paper and write different words on them. Ask a guest to randomly pick out three words and tell them to the other guests. Whoever can think of a funny poem using all three words wins a special prize.

If you find that one guest always wins the prizes and your other guests are starting to lose interest, then you’ll need a game that will hopefully level out the score. Before the bridal shower, blow up some brightly colored balloons with little pieces of paper inside with “Better luck next time” and “Oops, you’re not the winner” written on them. Hand them out to your guests along with a safety pin and let them pop their balloon. Whoever has the bride’s name on their piece of paper is the winner.