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Invitations Are Necessity To Present Day Bridal Showers

Bridal showers celebrate the turning point in a woman’s life as she prepares to leave behind her maiden days and enter married life. Old friends get together to have drinks, laugh, enjoy good food and reminisce about the good old times. Men are generally not present at these affairs; however, some men may be found in the kitchen preparing drinks and appetizers for the guests. Bridesmaids will be doing their best to ensure it’s a wonderful occasion. Gifts are bought, decorations are arranged and everybody focuses on the beautiful bride.

With large extended families throughout the world, throwing a bridal shower is a must in some cultures and in South America, inviting over two hundred guests is the usual practice. It won’t just be the sheer number of guests that overwhelm the bride; it will be the shower of gifts as well because, after all, a bridal shower is gift-giving time. Rather than simply handing over a gift at the wedding, a bridal shower brings more intimacy and a sense of closeness between the bride and guests.

Views on bridal showers vary, as some sociologists believe it’s a way for the bride to get used to her traditional role of the wife. On the other hand, others see it as a joyful time of good friends reflecting on life and laughing over social drinks.

Whether you decide on a small intimate bridal shower or a huge party in a banquet hall, make sure all the invitations are sent out on time. Bridal shower invitations are handed out to close relatives and the bridesmaids send out the rest to close female friends of the bride.

Even if you prefer a traditional style of bridal shower, invitations are a modern day necessity to keep the guests informed about the celebrations. Make them special, unique and personal so your guests will be delighted to receive them and will look forward to having them as a cherished keepsake for years to come.