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Imaginative Bridal Shower Favors On A Budget

Bridal shower favors show your guests that you appreciate them for taking the time to come wish you well and celebrate this exciting new chapter in your life. There are all kinds of small gifts you can give as favors such as little cards, trinkets and chocolate covered almonds. You could even encourage green fingers by giving your guests flower seeds to plant at home. All this and more can be done with very little money.

You can even make your own bridal shower favors by baking muffins or chocolate cookies at home. Lollipops and other sweet candies are ideal because everybody will enjoy them and they are easy to present in a pretty and imaginative way. Be sure to buy some small plastic bags and fasten them with ribbon. You can even take this idea one step further by adding gift tags to individually thank your guests.

If your bridal shower has a theme then try to find favors that follow the same style or color. Ideal favors for a Tea Party Theme would be miniature teacups or little potted plants like lavender or pansies. If the bridal shower will be held outside, small cute magnets or key rings in the shape of ladybugs or caterpillars would be great.

It’s always best to think outside the box and have a look for budget friendly jewelry like earrings and bracelets. They last a lot longer than chocolates and show your appreciation for your friends. Think about giving favors that guests can take home and enjoy including beautiful candleholders, a little bag of beauty products or a book of beautiful quotations and/or poems.

Whatever you decide to give as bridal shower favors, remember that they are a reflection of your friendship and appreciation of those close to you. Try to choose favors that will remind your guests of your bridal party and bring back special memories for them as well as for yourself. Remember that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make those memories; even if you’ve got a small budget, you can put together all kinds of bridal shower party gifts.