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Ideas For A Fun And Memorable Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding and to wish her all the best. It’s a time for friends and family to get together, spoil the bride and enjoy themselves. Before this can happen, you’ll need to choose a fun bridal shower theme so this special occasion will linger as a cherished memory for all invited. Here’s an idea of the more popular themes you can go with.

Three Interesting Bridal Shower Themes

Honeymoon Panties Theme

Stock up on simple white panties and ask each guest to decorate a pair in time for the shower. Ask the bride to try on each pair of underwear over her clothes and choose the best design for her wedding night

To let everyone know about the bridal shower date and location as well as the all-important theme and gift ideas, why not create an online invitation? It’s a lot more fun and easier than sending out the traditional invitation cards. Just sign up for a free webpage at Events Listed and create a unique and personalized webpage. It’s a great way to get everyone swapping wedding stories and to leave well wishes for the bride-to-be.

Naughty and Nice Theme

When writing out the invitations, make sure you include the theme so everyone will know what to expect. Ask everyone to bring a naughty and nice gift to the shower. Place the naughty gifts in a silk pillowcase and tie it with a cute ribbon along with strict instructions not to be opened until the married couple are enojoying their honeymoon.

Quiz The Bride Theme

Raise a giggle by seeing how well the bride actually knows her husband-to-be. Make a list of questions to ask and get together with groom before the shower. Videotape his answers and on the day of the shower, request the bride to answer those questions and see how many she gets right.