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How To Write Perfect Bridal Shower Invitations

For any special occasion such as a bridal shower, you’ll certainly want all the details to be perfect. Although the bride-to-be isn’t usually involved in the planning of her shower, you might want to ask her about the wording she would like on the bridal shower invitations. Choosing invitations that reflect the theme of your shower or the wedding invitations is a really nice touch that will delight your guests. It will keep everything uniform and neat.

You could word your bridal shower invitations a little like this:

On June 12th, Kate and James will be getting married; let’s celebrate this special event together and help them prepare for their big day. Celebrate with us on June 1st with a bridal shower to honor bride-to-be, Kate.

If you prefer invitations of a more formal style, try this:

Delight us with your presence on June 1st to honor bride-to-be Mary Kate with a bridal shower.

Be sure to include the bridal shower details such as the location, date, time and any places the couple may have registered for gifts. Don’t forget to include anything you wish guests to bring to the shower such as recipes, provided your shower has a cooking theme.

There is a wealth of resources available on the Internet to help you choose the most appropriate wording for your invitations. Do an online search for bridal shower invitations and you’ll find plenty of examples to help you decide on a design, a theme and the wording. If you want to send out unique invitations, you could hire a wedding planner to write the wording or give it a go yourself. You might be surprised to find that what you’ve written is sweeter and more personal than you thought it would be.

Whichever style of wording you do decide on, make sure both the bride and groom-to be are happy with how the invitations will read. After all, the bride and groom’s happiness is all that matters on this special occasion.