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How To Word Bridal Shower Invitations To Make An Impact

The words you use for your bridal shower invitations, cards and announcements are extremely important. Why? It is the guest’s first impression of what is in store for the big event. You’ll need to find the best verses for the various stationary pieces you’ll be sending out to guests; however, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the wording. If your bridal shower is going to be a casual event with a fun theme, such as a lingerie shower, then the wording of your bridal shower invitations could be lighter and more fun than a more formal shower.

How To Word Your Event’s Invitation

If you’re planning a traditional bridal shower, choose wording for your invitations like "Please join us for a bridal shower for the bride-to-be, Mary Kate," along with the details of the shower. For a more casual shower with a lingerie theme, use wording such as "As Kate is going to walk down the aisle, let’s shower her in silk and lace lingerie and make her groom smile." As everybody’s attention will be on the future bride at her bridal shower, make sure to choose words in keeping with this as well as the theme of the party.

A few days after your bridal shower party, you’ll want to send out thank you cards. Make sure your invitations and thank you cards reflect the theme of the bridal shower party. If your shower was a formal event and you sent out formal invitations, keep with this style by choosing formal thank you cards. The outside of the thank you card should be printed with wording such as “I deeply appreciate your presence at the bridal shower” and for a more casual shower, the ideal wording would be along the lines of "Thanks for coming to the shower. I'm delighted that you were there!”

Announcements for your wedding, engagement or elopement generally follow the same style of wording as they act only to inform guests that you will be married or have gotten married. If you’ve eloped and don’t necessarily want to include it in your announcement, use a simple statement like, "Ms. Mary Kate Smith and James Holden were married on July 16th, 2008.”

Rehearsal dinners are a great way to run through your wedding day ceremony and afterwards, sit down with your guests for dinner. When your guests receive their rehearsal dinner invitations, it could be that not everybody will understand what a rehearsal dinner is actually for. So, choose wording like "We invite you to join us on July 16th to rehearse our wedding ceremony and enjoy a delicious meal afterwards." A rehearsal dinner may not be necessary for a more casual wedding, you could send out invitations saying, "Let's all sit down together and enjoy a delicious spread of food before the stress of the big day."

The wording of your invitations is essential, regardless of which type of invitation you’re sending out. Take a look online for different retailers and wedding planners who can help you write unique verses and sayings for invitations that will perfectly reflect your very special occasion.