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How To Throw An Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower

If you fancy throwing a bridal shower with a difference, why not consider an afternoon tea party theme? There are many ways to turn a run of the mill tea party into a special occasion filled with fun and laughter.

Be sure to send out your invitations two or three weeks ahead of the shower. You want your guests to coordinate their plans and gifts to fit your tea party theme. Choose a design that reflects your chosen theme such as invitations with a ladybug or a beautiful drawing of ladies having a garden party. It will give everyone an idea of what’s in store at the shower and ask your guests to bring along fancy hats, gloves and other items to get everyone in the mood for a fun tea party.

On the day of the shower, fill a tea chest with different costume pieces just in case one or two guests forget their items or can’t find anything suitable. You’ll also need some elegant teapots to serve tea from as well as some dainty teacups and saucers. Ask friends and family if you don’t have any yourself but make sure they don’t get broken. You may be able to find some of these at second hand stores too. You’ll also need a fancy sugar bowl and some embroidered tablecloths to add to the tea party atmosphere. It will get everyone in the mood for drinking tea with a raised pinkie and feel like ladies who enjoy the pleasure of afternoon tea.

Another great touch to add to your tea party theme is to arrange some beautiful fresh flowers in various teapots. They make great centerpieces and they will bring a fresh summer touch to your tables. If the weather is going to be hot, why not put up some parasols? Without a doubt, the food most fitting for a tea party is a range of yummy sandwiches filled with delights such as cream cheese and slices of cucumber. Hand out scones topped with a layer of jam and thick cream as well as cookies and chocolate brownies. Make sure you give your guests a choice of drinks beside tea such as fruit punch, iced tea, coffee and flavored teas.

If you’re holding the shower outside and you have a lot of space, why not set up a few small tables each with four chairs rather than one long table? Just make sure you have enough tea to go round and place a choice of drinks on each table.

Naturally, the future bride is the center of attention at her shower but don’t forget that she might prefer to take a break now and then from all the fun and entertainment. Encourage your guests to take part in various bridal shower games and keep everyone busy with different activities. It will give everyone a chance to get to know one another and the bride will be able to enjoy catching up with old friends. The most important thing at a bridal shower is to have fun because it helps make the day truly special and memorable for all involved especially the bride.