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How To Throw A Western Themed Bridal Shower

Bring together the bride’s favorite western music and her love of western living to capture a sense of her free spirit with a cowboy or western themed bridal shower. Why not turn it into a fancy dress party and get the fun started with western related party games.

The first step in planning such a fun and memorable shower will be to send out the invitations to let everyone know when and where the shower will take place. Don’t forget to include the chosen theme so everyone will know what to wear and can choose the appropriate gift for the bride. If you think the guests will have a hard time trying to come up with original gifts that match the theme, it might be a good idea to ask the bride to register her gifts at a local store or to draw up a list.

Try to tie in the invitation design with your chosen theme. If you’ve gone for the cowboy element, try to find cute invitations that bear a cowboy hat or horseshoe logo. Why not consider celebrating the bride’s upcoming big day over a BBQ and ask guests to come wearing cowboy hats, boots and lassos. You can find cute cowboy favors for your guests such as mini horseshoes, rubber cows and steers as well as cowboy boot key rings. These are great designs to use for the napkins, table mats, the snack dishes and even the cake itself.

If the bride would be more in her element with a country themed shower, think about playing country music and get everyone up and dancing. Great country music favors would be CDs, posters of country singers and even little statues of the singers themselves as keepsakes. Surprise the bride smiling even more by stretching your budget to a life–size cut out of her favorite country musician or even a hero from those old time westerns.