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How To Throw A Memorable Baby Shower For An Expectant Mother

Baby showers should never be anything short of a happy occasion with a great atmosphere and plenty of fun. Careful planning and a great imagination guarantee an amazing baby shower that’s memorable and stress free.

The first step to planning a wonderful baby shower is to get to know the likes and dislikes of the expectant mother. If you know her well, you’ll have no problem knowing which colors she loves and which she loathes. However, if you don’t know her too well, don’t be afraid to ask around. Her friends will be more than happy to offer you great advice.

Although you can throw a baby shower before or after the birth, it’s more fun when the mother has a big belly and she’s really excited about the birth. The best time is around four to six weeks before the baby is due or sometime within the last trimester. Don’t plan it too late because the baby might arrive early and don’t plan it too early because it won’t have the same baby-buzz atmosphere.

Choosing a location depends on the number of guests showing up, your budget and whether or not the venue is easy for guests to get to. You could rent out a local community room, church or even hold the baby shower in a park. However, the latter is unpractical for the mother-to-be as well as the guests in regards to washroom facilities. The most favorable location is either the expectant mother’s house or the host’s home.

Ask the expectant mom to write a list of those guests she would like to come to her baby shower and start sending out invitations as early as possible so guests have plenty of time to buy gifts and make plans. Always invite the relatives. Call guests and ask them for ideas, any activities they would like to do or to bring some decorations.

Cute and popular baby shower themes are jungle animals, safari parks and at the zoo. You can use animal themed plates and napkins printed with zebra stripes or giraffe spots. As for table decorations, use big leafed potted plants and make little paper animal faces to hide amongst the leaves. Provide guests with face paints of all colors, black plastic noses and even some furry ears. Challenge guests to paint their faces with the cutest, happiest or most ferocious animal expressions.

Serve a deliciously refreshing cake such as lemon and follow your theme by creating a 3-D jungle on top. Use green icing to represent the jungle floor, add dark green leaves made from icing and use cake decorations such as trees and flowers. Add edible tiger faces, chocolate drop footprints and candies that look like bugs.

Buying gifts for the expectant mom who has everything she needs can be quite a challenge. A great idea in this situation is to buy a personalized baby gift as it will be unique and she’ll be touched by such a sweet gesture. If she would prefer practical gifts, which is usually the case with a firstborn child, ask her to register at a gift registry.

Favors are used to thank your guests for coming and there aren’t any hard and fast rules as to what can be given as a baby shower favor. Some mothers-to-be prefer to keep gifts simple and give small boxes of candy or chocolate. Others prefer more expensive gifts like silver photo frames or beauty products. Favors related to your baby shower theme will always be appreciated because they will always remind guests of this wonderful time in the expectant mother’s life.