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How To Throw A Bridal Shower For Guests Of All Ages

Choosing a bridal shower theme that all your guests will enjoy can be a little tricky these days. If the majority of your guests are of the older generation then choosing a young vibrant theme would be unsuitable. The same is true if your guests are young and energetic. However, if you’re looking for some ideas based upon your guests’ ages, here are two easy ideas that you can use.

Idea 1 – Tea Party Theme

A popular choice for older guests is a Tea Party Theme, as it is relaxing and sophisticated. You could serve tea and finger food in the garden, either on decorated tables or in the style of a picnic. You can tie in the decorations, cake and party favors to the theme by making roses and leaves out of icing and party favors of wild grass and flower seeds, cute plant pots and homemade cupcakes. You could also use dried or fresh flowers as decorations and send out beautiful invitations with flower designs on.

As for activities, you could provide guests with games like Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit; however, make sure you have little gifts on hand for the lucky winners, as it will encourage your guests to take part. Another enjoyable past time is painting or sketching so think about organizing a mini art competition if your guests are creative. Perhaps they can go for a gentle afternoon stroll if you live near a forest or quiet country road.

Idea 2 – Cosmopolitan Cocktail Theme

If the bride-to-be is a social butterfly and the guests are young women who enjoy socializing, a great idea would be a Cosmopolitan Cocktail theme. Guests could enjoy conversation over appetizers and cocktails or even better, make their own. Provide guests with different alcoholic drinks and different cocktails recipes that they can follow and make sure you include a range of non-alcoholic drinks as well. A bridal shower following this theme is the perfect setting for playing popular party games like Twister or Jenga as the night is sure to be filled with laughter.