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How To Plan A Bridal Shower On A Budget

A beautiful, unforgettable bridal shower is every bride’s dream so it’s easy to see how one can go wild spending money on fabulous decorations, a wonderful spread of food and a beautiful cake. However, with some careful planning and some helpful tips, you can still throw a fun, memorable bridal shower without it costing you a fortune. Now you’ll need a creative streak and lots of elbow grease to get your bridal shower as fabulous as those showers where money is no object.
A great bridal shower idea is the “togetherness” party where only close friends and family of the bride are invited. This will create an intimate atmosphere, which is the ideal setting for swapping stories, having fun and showering the bride with gifts. The focal point of this shower is the friendships rather than the gifts. For that reason, it’s a good idea to set a price limit on the gifts so guests do not feel awkward when some guests present the bride with really expensive gifts. Another great budget friendly idea is to ask guests to bring a homemade gift such as cookies, a photo album or to a short written poem.

Remember that you can make every detail of the shower cheaper by doing it yourself. With saying that, not everybody has the spare time it takes to make this event great. Ask friends to help you out and take the weight off your shoulders. This is really good for getting the best prices from suppliers such as the florist or caterers; make sure you do comparisons. The ones you ask to help out will feel involved and be really pleased to have been part of the bridal shower plans.

You don’t have to stretch your budget just to hire a restaurant or banquet hall to make the bridal shower a success; you can easily throw a wonderful shower in a living room or kitchen. Stick to where the heart is and throw the bridal shower at home or, if possible, in the garden. Ask each guest to bring a dessert and serve tea. Can’t find the perfect space? Why not hold the shower in a local tearoom? Your guests can enjoy one another’s company while nibbling on mini sandwiches and baked items that certainly won’t break your budget.

Playing bridal shower games is a great way to make sure your guests enjoy the party and it won’t cost you much. An old time favorite is the toilet paper wedding dress competition. Split your guests into two groups and give them lots of toilet paper. As a prize, let the winner choose the next game and remember that it’s how much fun your guests have… not how much you spend.

A really wonderful gift anyone can give the bride-to-be is to think of what she needs help with rather than buying her gifts, which she’ll most likely receive at the wedding. Write down chores that she may need help with in the near future, put them in a big bowl and ask guests to pick one out when they win a game. You could include chores like pet sitting when the bride and groom are on their honeymoon, driving them to the airport, house sitting and more.