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How To Personalize Your Bridal Shower Invitations

Personalized bridal shower invitations are a great way to leave guests with a memorable impression of your bridal shower. As this is such a special occasion for all involved, you’ll want your guests to be reminded of the fun they had when they come across their invitation for years to come. There are a lot of different ways to make your invitations beautiful and unique so follow these tips and you’ll have bridal shower invitations that will stand out from the rest.

Tip 1 – Add Photos

Delight your guests by adding a well-chosen photograph to your invitations, as this is a wonderful way to personalize them and make a big impression. Ask friends and family of the bride for some photos and ask the groom unless you want to surprise him and the bride. You could choose a cute picture of the bride and groom together or a beautiful portrait photo of the future bride.

You could also choose a fun picture of you and the bride-to-be because, as her maid of honor, you’ll probably have a long history together. Another nice touch is to find a photo from the bride’s mother’s bridal shower, as it will bring back good memories for many of the guests.
Use digital copies of the photographs if you can because it stops the original, which is irreplaceable, from being lost or damaged. You’ll find that most printers prefer working with digital copies and you can easily scan your photos at a local office or copy stores and it won’t cut into your budget too much.

Tip 2 – Embellishments

Add your own unique touch to your invitations by embellishing them. You can tie a beautiful satin ribbon around each invitation or dab a special scent onto the paper before sealing and sending it. Include a sprinkle of glitter on each design to add a sparkle and if you know calligraphy, use it to bring more elegance to your invitations.

Include your favorite verse, song or special message for the bride and groom as they will be touched by this and your guests will be delighted. If you’re stuck for ideas, do an online search for wedding phrases and you’ll find plenty of inspiration. Whichever design you choose for your cards and whatever you decide to add, each one is going to make your invitations really unique.

Tip 3 – Choose Unique Stationary

For really unique and beautiful cards, you’re going to need paper other than the standard white, off-white or pastel colored paper available in most stores. Look for bright bold colors, which stand out and ask for attention or go for designs, which are visually interesting and on the usual side. You could even go one step further and look into using Japanese paper called Washi, which is becoming more popular these days. On the other hand, you could go green and help the environment by using recycled paper, which will be appreciated by your guests. Get creative and keep thinking along the lines of what’s needed to set your invitations apart.