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How To Make Your Own Unique Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

A delightful way to shower the bride with beautiful gifts is to present them in a unique gift basket. It’s a great way to add a fun element to a bride’s shower, especially if the other guests come bearing gifts wrapped in the traditional way.

There are all sorts of gifts you can include in your gift basket; all you need is a little imagination. Get thinking about the bride and groom’s favorite music and include a CD of romantic songs for them to enjoy on their honeymoon. Perhaps you can purchase some lingerie for the bride. For the groom, you could pop a pair of boxers into the gift basket to amuse the bride and raise a giggle from the other guests.

Consider throwing in a bottle of champagne or the couple’s favorite wine along with some scented candles. These can help set the scene for a romantic night. Wrap up some beautiful wine glasses and include a unique bottle opener. You could also include some incense and massage oils for a really special night. Don’t be afraid to add a cheeky touch to your gift basket. See what you can pick up at a local or online adult speciality shop to add to the basket.

Whatever you decide to include in your gift basket, make sure it’s guaranteed to make the bride laugh and smile. The shower is all about her and what she likes so choose gifts that you know she’ll enjoy. Try to include gifts that are useful for the married couple; things that they can enjoy once their big day has concluded.

As for the gift basket itself, you can find them in any local or online wedding store in a wide range of designs and colors. It’s best to choose a design, which matches the theme of the bridal shower. For this reason, it’s best to wait until you’ve received the invitation first to purchase your basket. You want to know the style, tone and theme of the shower. Not only will this help in with the gift basket, it will also help you choose the gifts to place in the basket.