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How To Get and Give Ultimate Bridal Shower Favors

The task list of the bridal shower planner is demanding and the pressure to pull off the perfect party immense but with a little planning and time, a spectacular celebration can be achieved. Choosing the ultimate bridal shower favor is a significant task in itself. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Follow the tips below to help keep you on the path to the perfect bridal shower.

Reflect The Bride

The shower favors should reflect one or some of the bride’s interests. Does she have an unusual hobby or interest that can be tied into the gifts? Whether the bride is a wine lover, has a sweet-tooth, is a gardener, a bush walker or a skier, there is sure to be a favor on the market that can poke some fun. As bridal shower guests are typically close friends, you can get away with teasing the bride about her strange passions and quirks. Shoe addicts, bag lovers and chocoholics are all brilliant choices.

Please The Guests

The bridal shower is a women’s-only affair, which makes party favor selection a little bit easier. Who doesn’t love a manicure set or bath lotion bag? Beauty and spa gifts are always winners with shower guests, as are candles and key rings. Personalized labels and nametags along with pretty wrapping are sure to make these favors a hit.

Favors and Themes

Favors that reflect the bridal shower theme are far more memorable. For example, if it’s a garden party, you could give flower seeds or pot plants. If it’s a cocktail party then coasters and cocktail glasses are ideal.

The most important thing to keep in mind is how you would feel receiving the favor. Make sure beauty products are made from natural ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin and try to clearly label ingredients of food products in case of allergies. If you would be genuinely excited to receive the favor, then it’s most likely the perfect choice for the bride and her friends.