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How To Find Party Favors For Bridal and Wedding Showers

All too often, the words bridal shower and wedding shower are interchanged. However, do you actually know the difference between a bridal shower and wedding shower? A bridal shower is the party in which the bride and her close female friends say goodbye to the single life. A rite of passage, so to speak and it’s much like a bachelor party for men. A wedding shower, on the other hand, is thrown to give well wishes to the “couple” and hand them gifts they can use in their new lives together. No matter what event is being thrown, handing out party favors is traditional. After all, it’s the host or hostess’ way of thanking guests for their time.

Finding Party Favors For Guests No Matter What Type Of Party Is Being Thrown

It’s not that difficult to find party favors to hand out to guests. All it takes is looking around your local store, perhaps the Dollar Store or your local Wal-mart. You can find many things to give away. However, the thing to remember before you purchase just any kind of party favor is to know what kind of party is being thrown. Keep in mind that bridal shower guests are typically female and would, therefore, appreciate different types of gifts.

Bridal Shower Party Favors

Party favors at bridal showers can act as tools to keep the party spirit alive along with bringing the guests together. Why not opt for a fun pack of playing cards or a silly game to keep the party going? You can even choose a theme; for example “happy to be a woman” and find gifts that are related to that topic. The modern woman has a wide range of interests, from work to hobbies to home; there are so many products on the market that would make suitable gifts. From scented candles to quirky key rings, you’ll find a plethora of fun and thoughtful gifts that your closest friends will love.

Wedding Shower Party Favors

A wedding shower, however, is a celebration for both the bride and groom. It is a time to thank close friends and family; party gifts are a simple way to symbolize this. Try to find a favor that appeals to both male and female guests or choose two different sets of gifts. From bottle stoppers to items for the home, you’ll find a huge range of gifts in shops and online that all your guests would appreciate.

Take the time to choose the type of shower that is right for you; you can even opt for both. With so many products available, the shopping process does not need to be a stressful experience. Take a look online to find many unique gift ideas. Enjoy tracking down the ideal gift for loved ones and remember that party favors are a simple way to add an element of fun to your shower.