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How To Find Bargain Store Bridal Shower And Wedding Gifts

Bridal showers and weddings can only mean one thing: it’s time to search for the perfect gift. If you want to get the most out of your money, find a local bargain store or the Internet to find the best gifts. Here are five great wedding gifts to give the happy couple.

Gift Idea 1 - Electronics

Home electronics are a must-have these days for a young, modern couple. To help them set up a home together, think about what they still need or would love to have. This could be video game console, video games, a DVD player, speakers, remote controls or even a video system for their car. If you want to give them individual gifts, consider giving each one an iPod, MP3 player or a couple of funky cell phones.

Gift Idea 2 – Travel

Send the newlyweds off on their honeymoon with everything they would need for a great trip. Ask friends and family to chip in so you can buy a couple of high quality suitcase. Consider giving the bride and groom a portable DVD player to use while on vacation. Throw in a couple of their favorite movies and don’t forget they’ll also need a digital camera for those memorable honeymoon moments.

Gift Idea 3 - Household Goods

Check with the bride and about their household items. Do they need anything for their new life together? You can also ask their close friends and family what the bride’s favorite color is or which colors the newlyweds have chosen for their home. Consider buying them some luxurious sheets or a matching towel set. Another good gift idea is to make your own gift basket and put in it everything they would need for a picnic or some basic tools they would need around the house. Office supplies can also come in handy and culinary items would be most appreciated.

Gift Idea 4 - Outdoor Gifts

If the bride and groom will be living in a house with a yard, why not go ahead and shower them with outdoor gifts? A really unique idea is to fill a wheelbarrow with gardening tools, a watering can, flower seeds and other items they would need for their new garden. Don’t forget that they’ll also need patio furniture and beautiful pieces to decorate their garden/yard with.

Gift Idea 5 - Just For Her/Just For Him

A busy bride-to-be will definitely appreciate a bridal shower, which gives her the chance to be pampered. Set the theme as “Just for Her" and ask guests to bring gifts such as lingerie, fragrances or jewelry. As for the bachelor party, shower the groom with sports related gifts, auto parts and tools.

Bear in mind that a memorable gift doesn’t have to break the bank. There’s a wide choice of gifts available in local bargain stores or on websites. Whatever gift you choose, you’ll definitely be a success at gift buying throughout the wedding season.