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How to Effectively Plan Your Bridal Shower Menu to Fit the Bride’s and Your Needs, Too

When planning for a bridal shower, there’s going to be a lot to consider especially when it comes to the menu. You’ll need to budget, find a location, invite the guests and come up with a theme. Each of these needs careful consideration because they all play a major part on the rest of your options. Take a closer look at everything you need to plan, especially when it comes to the food. You need to know exactly what you are getting into.


You need to know your budget so you can figure out exactly what sort of foods you’ll be able to have. Food is generally the major wallet wrench; be careful that you don’t plan a large meal that you can’t afford.


Sometimes the best option is to have a bridal shower at a restaurant. If this is the case, find a popular restaurant that fits your budget and allows you to reserve a private room. A sit down or buffet environment (or even both) will ensure that you fit everyone’s needs. If you have a small party perhaps it would be best to have it at a person’s house; you can serve a buffet-like meal or appetizers there.

Theme and Food

If you’re going to have a theme, try making your food choices match the theme. If you’re going for a country theme, find finger foods that fit with the country. If you’re unsure what would be appropriate, look at the following options:

- Light Snacks: chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels, pastries, fruit, veggie and dip, a variety of potato chips, wheat thins, crackers and cheese, etc.

- Brunch: pastries, fruit, crackers and cheese, miniature sandwiches, quiche, croissant sandwiches, spiced sausage, eggs Benedict, etc.

- Cold buffet: cold cut sandwiches, fruit and salads (green, pasta, potato, seafood, fruit, etc.).

- Hot lunch: casseroles, hot salads, chicken, rolls, hot sandwiches, soups, etc.

Your bridal shower should reflect what your guest of honor wants but also fit within your budget. It should also fit with what you feel comfortable preparing food-wise. Once you’ve planned everything and have figured out the menu, everyone will have a great time at the actual bridal shower.