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How To Choose Your Bridal Shower Party Favors

Have you been given the role of bridal shower planner? If so, then you know you have many chores to tick off your list. One key task is to purchase bridal shower favors. As any good hostess knows, favors make an event even more memorable and add a whole lot of fun. Follow these simple steps to secure a creative goody bag for your special guests.

Matching The Shower To The Season

Seasonally themed favors add a lovely touch. You can take advantage of nature’s colors for when the wedding is being held or select items that symbolize the various seasons. Show off the colors of the season to bring visual continuity to the even. If it’s an October or November shower, you can use oranges, yellows and browns, whereas a December, January or February shower would suit silvers, golds and whites.

Alternatively, link nature to the shower by choosing favors that symbolize the season. For example, a selection of fall-themed coasters or candles would be ideal for October or November, while snowflake-shaped favors could brighten up the table in winter. Spring presents a myriad of gift ideas; garden-themed favors such as rose petal candles and floral coasters are ideal. Seeds are also a particularly thoughtful gesture; they symbolize the couple’s growing love and also serve as a reminder of the wedding in months to come. Particular sights and scents evoke the feel of summer so you can reflect these in your gift selection. Themes such as tropical islands, beach escapes and backyard picnics work particularly well. A nautical theme, or the colors blue and white, is equally suitable. Any items related to the ocean such as seashells, sailboats or fish look fantastic.

Simplify Your Shower Favors

One way to simplify the selection process is to match items with the chosen color scheme of the wedding. This way you can choose practical gifts such as candles, coasters or soaps and link in the bride’s chosen colors. For example, if the wedding colors are blue and white, you could purchase blue candles with white ribbons or blue and white coasters.

Something For The Ladies

If the bridal shower is all about enjoying a great night out with the ladies, reflect this mood with your favors. Choose fun items like manicure sets or playing cards to spice up the night. Lingerie bridal showers are fast gaining popularity and make for a memorable, fun-filled night. Your party favors can also follow the lingerie theme; choose some cheeky magnets or key chains to keep the laughs rolling.

Remember that the point of a bridal shower is for the bride to enjoy some quality time with her female friends. Stop worrying about the small details and join in the excitement.