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How To Choose Bridal Shower and Wedding Invitations

Friends and family usually gather together a few months before the bride’s big day and throw her a bridal shower. Guests come laden with beautiful gifts, eat together and have fun playing different games. As the bridal shower and wedding invitations are so important, you’ll naturally want both to be practical and beautiful.

Tips and Ideas For Bridal Shower Invitations

When it comes to choosing bridal shower invitations, the most important thing is creativity. If your bridal shower is going to be a casual rather than a formal event, pick out colorful and fun invitations, which will reflect the bride’s personality. The invitations for the bridal shower don’t necessarily have to follow the theme of the wedding invitations. If the bride is anxious about the two varying in style, gently remind her that invitation-wise, the two events are separate of one another.

Your bridal shower invitations will need to inform guests about the date, location, time, the name of the bride-to-be and the host(s). As long as you have this covered, you’re completely free to choose any design, which tickles your fancy. If you’ve chosen a theme for the shower, consider choosing a design that would reflect the theme such as ocean blue invitations for a beach themed shower.

Dedicating your time to choosing the right invitations will ensure you don’t break your budget buying expensive ones at the last minute. You can go for printable invitations which is, by the far, the most budget-friendly option available or ones you simply fill in by hand. Photo invitations are moderately priced and you can delight the guests with a cute photo of the happy bride. It will make for a great keepsake and your guests will be delighted.

Tips and Ideas For Wedding Invitations

These days you can find wedding invitations ranging from very casual to very formal and everything in-between. However, you still need to spend time thinking about how you want your weddings invitations to look. Not only do invitations give your guests an idea about how your big day is going to be, they also act as a wonderful keepsake for all your guests to cherish. Whether you want casual invitations or formal ones, it’s really important that the tone matches that of your wedding day.

As soon as you’ve decided on how you want your wedding day to be, whether it’s a casual afternoon ceremony or a black tie event, you’ll find it is much easier to choose the invitations. Try to avoid buying the invitations on impulse because you might find later on that they don’t reflect the style of your wedding.

Be creative with your invitations and have fun choosing them. Add a personal touch to your invitations by using your favorite color. If you have a love of red, look for invitations with roses or cute hearts on them. You could even add a red foil liner to the envelopes or create a striking effect with white lettering on dark red paper.

Whether your chosen invitations are romantic, fun or formal, the most important thing is that they reflect who you are and the tone of your big day. You can always think outside the box when it comes to your bridal shower invitations and make them cheeky, fun or even racy.