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How To Choose A Baby Shower Theme

A baby shower is a wonderful occasion to bring together friends and family so why not make the day even more memorable by using a theme? The gift baskets, cake, decorations and party invitations can easily follow your theme; thus making the baby shower more exciting and entertaining.

Choosing Baby Shower Themes Based Upon Specific Reasons

Deciding on a theme from the hundreds available isn’t as difficult as you might think. Baby showers can be thrown before the baby is born or after. It’s important to decide when your baby shower will take place, as this will help you choose a theme.

Adult Themed Baby Showers

If you decide on a baby shower before the birth (which is the best thing to do) then you could choose a theme that is more grown up such as a garden tea party. You could serve picnic style food and make your own gift baskets with marmalades, pastries, different teas and cookies.

Baby Themed Showers

If you prefer themes that are more baby orientated, you could go for ideas that are often used in a baby’s nursery such as a zoo theme, teddy bear theme or nursery rhyme theme. Other popular ideas involving animals are jungle themes, safari themes or a Noah’s Ark theme. Think about using a theme related to popular cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy or Care Bears. Have a cake especially made in the shape of a tiger’s face with brightly colored orange and black icing and ask your guests to paint their faces like lions, zebras and other animals.

Gender Themed Showers

Perhaps the most common themes used are Baby Girl and Baby Boy themes as you can easily find a wealth of decorations, cakes and invitations matching these themes in local stores. However, you can give these themes a more unique touch by presenting the cake in the shape of a baby diaper. A little imagination can go a long to making your Baby Shower a memorable, fun and enjoyable event.